Woodland Meadow Farms Wedding Snohomish
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Woodland Meadow Farms Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographers

Snohomish Farm Wedding | Snohomish, WA

“Woodland Meadow Farms, a first generation farming operation focused on the local economy and sustainable living, started in the wedding and event venue business with an offbeat wedding. In 2009, owner John Beal, a professional landscaping contractor, as well a longtime pro dirt bike racer, landscaped an aging tree farm to accommodate his sister’s medieval-themed wedding. After he hosted that, he was encouraged to make it a full-fledged business and 2010 became the first season of weddings at Woodland Meadow Farms.”

We love the wide open look of some Snohomish area venues, but it was a real treat that Woodland Meadow Farms lived up to it’s name and truly had a ton of beautiful tree covered property to explore on a wedding day. As wedding photographers in Washington we live and die by the sunshine. Love it when it’s casting a rich orange hue onto a couple’s faces at sunset, or hate it when its giving everyone racoon eyes during harsh noon light. So, when we find a venue like woodland meadow farms that gives us that break from the sun when we need it most it makes our jobs, and our clients photos that much better! Check out the light in these images to see just why we love a wedding venue with a bit of shade for those stunning summer days we get in the Seattle area.

-Salt & Pine