Stony Point Hall Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographers

Some of the most fun we’ve had all year was with Autumn and Brandon at their Stony Point Hall wedding this past fall. Stony Point Hall was one wedding venue in Kansas we’d heard of, but never shot at, and we’re so glad we had the chance before our move. Autumn and Brandon’s ceremony was full of emotion. From walking down the aisle, to vows, there wasn’t a dry eye around. After the ceremony, we were able to explore the grounds around Stony Point Hall for photos. The amazing 100 year old barn was one of our favorite spots. Some of our favorite portraits of the night happened around sunset. Not only Autumn and Brandon came back outside with us, but their whole bridal party for some really fun portraits. One activity these two and their friends all enjoy together is softball. Upon request, a few groomsmen found bats and balls, and we just about had a game going down in the front yard. After dinner and plenty of dancing, Autumn and Brandon exited through a row of sparklers. The joy on their faces about being married is apparent, and what made their day special. As an amazing cap to the night, we played with sparklers under the stars. I practiced writing ‘Weyand’ backwards all week in preparation for that one shot.




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