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We’re MOVING! | Seattle Wedding Photographers

Joe and I have both called Manhattan, Kansas home for a while now, but we both think it might be time for a new adventure. We’re moving to Washington and becoming Seattle wedding photographers as of summer 2015!


Do you know the feeling you get when you’ve been thinking about something for so long, you can’t even remember where the idea started in the first place? I think officially deciding to move to Washington was a little bit like that for us. We visited Seattle last fall as a little celebration for wedding season being officially over, and although Joe had been many times before to the Pacific Northwest, it was my first time and I fell in love. Soon after we started realizing all the things Washington had that we loved that Kansas didn’t. Ocean. A cooler climate. Trees. (okay, Kansas has those, but not to the scale Washington does!) An abundance of hiking trails. Mountains. The next step was Joe’s phase. I’d look over while we were working in the office and he’d be looking at houses for sale. Then I’d find myself saying “Oh! That one has a nice backyard for the dogs!” Then, at some point, all we could picture was a future in Washington.


So, we are picking up Salt & Pine and bringing it all the way from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest, and we’ll be Seattle wedding photographers in less than a year! However, in order to become Wedding photographers in the Seattle area, we need to book some amazing Seattle weddings! For the first 5 weddings we book in the Seattle area, we are offering a discount on our Ponderosa, Sitka or Sequoia wedding packages. All you need to do is congratulate us on our move to Washington and becoming Seattle wedding photographers when you inquire with us!


Our next step when we really realized we were becoming Seattle wedding photographers, was to look up all the amazing Seattle wedding venues we would be able to shoot at (hopefully) soon! We were blown away by how many amazing and unique venues there are, from downtown, to the waterfront, to the countryside, to the forests. We made a list of some of our favorites and we can wait to start crossing them off! There are six on that list that we are dying to shoot at (to be honest, one of them has been on our bucket list for almost a year – before we even knew we were moving to Seattle!) If you are getting married at one of these Seattle wedding venues, please contact us! We have a very special wedding package for the first bride who books us at each of these venues!


Kelley Farm

Tree House Point

Seattle Aquarium

Within SoDo

Salish Lodge

Bella Luna Farms


The countdown is on. See you next year, Seattle!


-Salt & Pine


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