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Salish Lodge Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographers

Elegant Lodge Wedding | Snoqualmie Washington

A Salish Lodge wedding perfectly captures the Seattle area’s breathtaking natural beauty without sacrificing anything for your guests. So when Kelly and Eric chose to get married at the Salish Lodge in Snoqualmie, we know we were going to be in for a treat. Kelly and the girls got ready in the comfort of one of the lodge’s guest rooms. It was flooded with stunning natural light, and the joy of a bride on her wedding day. The guys were able to enjoy a private balcony overlooking the falls while they chatted, enjoyed a drink and prepared for the ceremony.

As photographers, we love waterfalls! And, Snoqualmie Falls is definitely the focal point at the Salish Lodge. Perhaps the true beauty of the Salish Lodge on a wedding day isn’t the falls it is so famous for, but instead the vast grounds that allow a bride and groom and their friends to escape to some privacy. It is one of these private spots that we chose to have Kelly and Eric see each other for the first time.

Back at the lodge, Kelly and Eric had a beautiful intimate ceremony with their closest friends and families on the patio near the falls. The emotions were flowing, and we couldn’t stop clicking away at all the incredible moments. As sunset approached, we got the idea to take Kelly and Eric on a bit of a field trip to a nearby field with a stunning view of Mt Si, and we are so glad we did! We finished up the night with more dancing and joy, our memory cards full we bid the Salish Lodge and our incredible couple goodbye.

-Salt & Pine