Rainy Olympic National Park Wedding

Rainy Olympic National Park Elopement | Olympic National Park Photographers

Rainy PNW Wedding Day | Lake Crescent Lodge, WA

“Get married in the rain soaked Olympic National Park, surrounded by lush rain forests, high mountain peaks, and a breathtaking coastline. A short ferry trip from Seattle starts your adventure to this incredible one of a kind National Park,”

There is rain, and then there is RAIN. This rainy Olympic National Park Elopement, never saw a dry moment, but that brought out the best in all of us. Along with a metric ton of moisture, there was a sense of adventure and determination in the air that permeated the day much in the same way that the rain permeated our jackets. These two had so much fun making the most of what some would consider a disaster, and as wedding photographers that elevates our game a step or two.

Rain can obviously have a huge effect on your day, no one wants to be cold and wet on the most exciting day of their lives, but we also can’t politely ask it to stop either. With that said, we love it when couples are willing to make the most of it, because it gives us a unique opportunity to play with light, and rain, in a way that we just don’t get for much of the year.

-Salt & Pine


  • Olympic National Park – Lake Crescent Lodge

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