North Cascades Adventure Elopement

North Cascades Adventure Elopement | Seattle Elopement Photographers

Sauk Mountain Hiking Elopement | North Cascades, Washington

Less than three hours from Seattle, an alpine landscape beckons. Discover communities of life adapted to moisture in the west and recurring fire in the east. Explore jagged peaks crowned by more than 300 glaciers. Listen to cascading waters in forested valleys.

If you look up Sauk Mountain on Google Maps, you can count the number of switchbacks that climb the hillside. If you are actually planning on hiking Sauk Mountain, I’m not sure knowing how many there are help – but we checked every one off like a list on our way up. Thankfully, the weather was overcast and the company was fantastic for this adventurous elopement in the North Cascades! This couple was looking for the perfect North Cascades location for their elopement, and ultimately decided on Sauk Mountain because of the views and relatively short length of the hike. The bride, Hilary, is an extremely talented cake designer and owner of Alpenglow Baking. She also designed the most genius way to tote a cake up to the top of a mountain for your wedding day – and you know she designed, baked, decorated and hauled her own wedding cake to the top of Sauk Mountain! (Groom’s choice on flavors, of course). We are not even lying when we say that cake was the best we’ve ever had. And it’s not because we had to conquer 25 switchbacks in order to eat it!

-Salt & Pine

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