Leavenworth Heritage Center Winter Wedding | Kansas City Wedding Photographers

Angela and Eric had a winter wedding at the Leavenworth Heritage Center. It was a freezing cold day in January, but everyone was prepared (especially Angela!) Warm thoughts were envisioned by all from Angela and Eric’s genuine and sweet first look all the way through some adventurous portraits in the evening snow storm. Does the good luck charm of a rainstorm on your wedding day also apply to a snowstorm? We’re going to say yes. We could tell by spending the day with Angela and Eric and their friends that these two were meant to be together. They were so sweet and loving with one another throughout the day, and it was broadcasted across every photo we took. After Angela and Eric helped us cross a photo off our bucket list – a photo of a bride and groom with a moving train passing behind them – we joined their reception, which was, by far, one of the most enjoyable receptions we’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. Thoughtful and emotion speeches were given by the best man, maid of honor and both dads that had tears flowing before the DJ, JF Productions got everyone (and we’re really talking EVERYONE) out on the dance floor for hours! (Which was great, because the most important part of Angela and Eric’s wedding day to them was their reception!) Angela, you were a beautiful bride. We wish you and Eric many years of happiness and adventures – we’re so glad we were there to capture your day!


-Salt & Pine


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