Jewish Alderbrook Resort Wedding

Jewish Alderbrook Resort Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographers

Outdoor Jewish Wedding | Hood Canal, WA

“A formal ceremony on the terrace or casual waterfront nuptials followed by a barbecue of fresh, local seafood, Alderbrook is where love is celebrated your way. The best part is when the happy couple gazes out at the crowd of family and friends on the backdrop of the stunning mountains and Hood Canal then lovingly back into each other’s eyes and an anniversary is born. That’s your day. That’s Alderbrook.

When you think about the setting of a great Pacific Northwest wedding day your mind probably immediately jumps to waterfront, towering trees, mountain views, and rustic cozy lodges. Alderbrook Resort is that setting to a tee, and we are always so thrilled to shoot there! Alderbrook Resort Weddings are simply the best.

We see a lot of Alderbrook weddings, and they are always so much fun, but this was our first Jewish wedding at Alderbrook. When we shot our first Jewish wedding day years ago our minds were a bit blown as photographers, the energy level is so high, the families so close, the traditions so incredibly rich! So combining perfect PNW backdrop of Alderbook with the richness of a day like this one was chef’s kiss good.

-Salt & Pine

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