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Feeling Loved | Seattle Wedding Photographers

Exactly four weeks ago tonight, we (accidentally) announced Salt & Pine, and that we would soon be Seattle wedding photographers, to the world. Funny story, actually, now that we’ve had a month to get over the shock. We arrived back from our destination wedding in Colorado on Friday, shot a wedding in Manhattan on Saturday, and were feeling on top of the world by Sunday. We decided it was time to hit the ground running with S&P. Facebook says it usually needs 14 days to process a name change request. So, we decided we would fill out the forms that night, figuring we would have a few days at least to prepare a few things for that launch. We were wrong. About 30 seconds later a Facebook notification popped up on our computer. The bubble in the bottom left corner of the screen read “so-and-so likes Salt and Pine Photography’s photo”. I think our next few brain waves went a little like this: ‘oh, that’s nice…Salt and what… Oh #%@$!’


We set out like mad people.It was already 10pm but we had things to do, and they had to happen now. A blog post needed to be written, it needed to be posted on Facebook ASAP. Names, contact information and websites needed to be swapped on multiple social media sites. We had to explain the brand change, as well as our move to the Pacific Northwest. E-mail inboxes were updated, brides were notified. We collapsed in bed around 1am (shh, that’s late for us).


After we had processed the shock, it sank in that Joe R Geske Photography was gone.


We were officially Salt and Pine.


Since then, we have been overwhelmed with love and support from brides, fans, and the photography community alike. We are so humbled by this outpouring of support. Past brides and grooms have left us reviews, shared us with their friends and families, and cheered our new brand on with warm words of encouragement. Fans have passed on our information to people they know in the Pacific Northwest. The local photography community has been nothing but helpful and supportive. We are so appreciative of all these actions, and we’ve constantly had the warm fuzzy feelings for the past month!


And, most of all, Seattle brides and grooms have been welcoming us to the Pacific Northwest with open arms. We couldn’t be more sure we picked an amazing location to move ourselves, our pups and our business too. Thank you, thank you, thank you for seeing something in our work and our personalities and trusting us with your big days! We are so thrilled to be booking weddings in the PNW for 2015! We can’t wait to be Seattle wedding photographers!


It is the most nerve-wracking thing to move, especially with a photography business that is so much based on referrals and word of mouth. So we are serious when we say this is a huge deal to us, and we can’t thank you all enough for all the love and support over the past month since we’ve transitioned (very abruptly) to being Salt and Pine! With our hearts full of love and gratitude, THANK YOU.


-Salt & Pine


P.S. We are also excited to announce our next trip to Seattle will be October 23rd-30th 2014! We are SO excited to be heading up there to meet with our PNW brides and grooms, shoot a few engagement sessions, and go on some adventures! If you’d like to meet us while we are there, or are interested in a session, please contact us! We’d love to go on an adventure with you!


Seattle Wedding Photographers Salt and Pine


^This goofy shot was taken last fall on our trip to Washinton while we were traveling the Olympic Penninsula. It was such a fun trip, and we can’t wait to go back!