Downtown Kansas City Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographers


When Rosie and Justin first told us about their downtown Kansas City wedding at Terrace on Grand  Darryl Ann and I couldn’t believe our ears, the idea of a rooftop wedding in downtown Kansas City sounded incredible.  Their day started at Terrace on Grand with the girls enjoying breakfast and mimosas in the bridal suite.  We were able to take Rosie’s dress and shoes into the even space and make use of some of Terrace on Grand’s great light.   Justin and the guys all arrived grey suits in tow that went perfectly with Rosie’s classy pink color pallet.  Justin has to be one of my favorite grooms this year, he never once turn away from a photo opp, despite being a bit camera shy.  While Justin was getting ready, Rosie’s bridesmaids made a special delivery to him. Rosie had purchased Justin a very special wedding present.  As photographers we have the unique perspective of being rather omniscient on a wedding day seeing everything, and hearing everything.  Rosie had cleverly hidden Justin’s present inside of a “Groom” Koozie, and upon first inspection Justin thought his gift was just the Koozie.  The expression on Justin’s face when the bridesmaids instructed him to dig a little deeper and he pulled out a pair of plane tickets, had to be one of my favorites from the year.  Rosie and Justin met for the first time on their wedding day on the roof top overlooking downtown Kansas City, it was an awesome moment full of true emotion.  We spent the next hour at the River Market with the entire bridal party and some spectacular soft light.  When we returned to Terrace on Grand we assumed our places for the ceremony and let the magic happen.  The rest of the evening was filled with I Do’s, live bands, incredible guests, and some pretty amazing speeches (trust us we hear our fair share, and these were beyond the norm!)  Just before sunset we grabbed Rosie and Justin for one more visit to the rooftop for some shots with the Kansas City skyline.   The view and the emotion could not have been more perfect.




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