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Coastal Maine Couples Session | Maine Wedding Photographers

There is no question Joe and I love traveling. So, when I was going back to Maine in June for my college roommate and best friend’s wedding, we knew we were going to make the trip an excursion. It should also be well known that Joe and I can’t possibly go anywhere even remotely picturesque without at least attempting to photograph someone while we are there. (If you don’t believe us, check out the time we photographed Brittany and Will during our vacation to Wyoming.) We were so excited when Katelynn and Mitch won a couple’s session with us, and that we would be able to photograph them while we were visiting southern Maine during our excursion along the coast before we flew back to Kansas. It was so much fun to be Maine wedding photographers instead of Kansas wedding photographers for a change! I never actually grew up with the ocean right outside my back door (being from the northern part of the state), but I do miss it a lot while I’m landlocked in the Midwest. I actually went to school with Katelynn and Mitch, and it was so much fun to reconnect with them during their session. They share such a fun love, always joking with each other and laughing together. We walked along a precarious cliff, balanced on rocks, and got our toes wet in the tide (okay, maybe that was just Katelynn and Mitch, because of some bad placement on my part!) and enjoyed our time at sunset at Fort Williams Park. After walking back to the parking lot from spending the last few moments of light out on some rocks, the security guard actually had to enforce closing time with his megaphone. Whoops! Thanks for a great time, Katelynn and Mitch! We are so glad we had the opportunity to photograph you on our trip!




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