Moab National Park Engagement | Seattle Wedding Photographers

moab utah engagement photographer

Kathleen & John’s Adventure | A Moab National Park Engagement Session in Devil’s Garden

After we planned a two-day stop in Moab on our WPPI road trip, we knew we needed to find a couple for an engagement session while we were in town. Cue one of our amazing brides putting us in touch with Kathleen and John, and their Moab National Park engagement session was on! Kathleen and John drove down from Salt Lake City to meet us in Moab, one of their favorite areas to adventure, and where they are planning their summer wedding. To capture the essence of the beautiful landscape around Moab, we took the two (and their pup, Ollie, who gives LOTS of kisses!) out to Devil’s Garden in Arches National Park for the session. It was so different and inspiring to shoot in the desert. The red rock monuments as a backdrop are a far cry from the tall grass prairie in Kansas, and the forests and mountains of Washington! Kathleen and John were so much fun to have in front of our cameras, and totally willing to climb on any rock we pointed out. Thanks for being willing to jump in front of our cameras on such short notice, guys! We had a blast meeting you, and Ollie!

-Salt & Pine

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2016 Adventure Tour | Seattle and Destination Wedding Photographers

Adventure Wedding Photographers Seattle Maine Kansas and Destination

Seattle & Destination Wedding Photographers 2016 Adventure Tour

We are Seattle and destination wedding photographers who frequent Oregon, Colorado, Kansas (Joe’s home state), Missouri, Maine (Darryl Ann’s home state), and the rest of New England for weddings each year. We feel so lucky as wedding photographers that we are able to travel all across the country making connections and photographing some of the best days of our couples’ lives. We’re already booking 2016 weddings, and our year looks like it will be full of travels! Since we’ll be all over the place, we thought a list of our 2016 travels would be handy to help you find out where we are. We like to call it the Adventure Tour! If we’re in your area, most likely we’re photographing a wedding or visiting a National Park (it is our goal to visit all of them in North America in our lifetime). Usually if you catch us soon enough, we have availability for a cup of coffee, an engagement session, an elopement, and sometimes a wedding while we’re in town. If you don’t see your state on this list, we are probably dying to visit it, and we’d love to have an adventure telling your love story. Whether it is near or far, on a mountain or in the water, engagement or wedding – get in touch! We have plenty more 2016 dates open, and we’d love to add more states to our list. Shooting weddings in Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Michigan, California and New York are on the top of our bucket list! Drop us a line here and tell us your story, we’d love to hear it. -Salt & Pine

Seattle Maine Kansas and Destination Wedding Photographers

January 1st-4th | Seneca, Kansas

January 18th | Seattle, Washington

March 6th-10th | Las Vegas, Nevada

March 19th | Bellevue, Washington

March 23rd-27th | Telluride, Colorado

April 17th | Silverdale, Washington

April 27th-30th | Yosemite National Park

May 21st | Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

May 26th-29th | San Antonio, Texas

June 2nd | Poulsbo, Washington

June 5th | Ferndale, Washington

June 11th | Seattle, Washington

June 13th-22nd | Rangeley, Maine

June 25th-26th | Portland, Oregon

July 1st | Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

July 2nd | Seattle, Washington

July 3rd | La Push, Washington

July 9th | Orofino, Idaho

July 16th | Woodinville, Washington

July 17th-21st | Crater Lake National Park

July 23rd | San Juan Island, Washington

July 24th | Issaquah, Washington

July 30th | Mercer Island, Washington

August 6th | Anacortes, Washington

August 7th | Tacoma, Washington

August 12th | Issaquah, Washington

August 13th | Seattle, Washington

August 14th | Sol Duc Falls, Olympic National Park

August 18th | John’s Island, Washington

August 20th | Chelan, Washington

August 23rd | Poulsbo, Washington

August 26th | Woodinville, Washington

August 27th | Union, Washington

August 28th | Snoqualmie, Washington

September 2nd | Seattle, Washington

September 3rd | Index, Washington

September 4th | Vashon Island, Washington

September 9th | Snohomish, Washington

September 10th | Easton, Washington

September 15th-19th | Wolcott, Connecticut

September 24th | Snohomish, Washington

October 1st | Durango, Colorado

October 8th | Seattle, Washington

October 22nd | Happy Valley, Oregon

November 5th | Seattle, Washington

December 12th | Big Sky, Montana

December 18th | Snohomish, Washington

December 30th | Woodinville, Washington

December 31st | Seattle, Washington


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Rustic Weston Red Barn Farm Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographers

We’ve been big fans of Amanda and Jimmy since their engagement session early this spring, and we were so excited for their Weston Red Barn Farm Wedding. The Weston Red Barn Farm has been on our bucket list of venues and we are so glad to have had the opportunity to shoot there before moving to Seattle!  From the second we pulled into the driveway, we were greeted by rustic hand painted signs dictating the events of the day, and a plethora of simple rustic details. Glass milk bottles holding flowers lined the tables along with wooden D’s decorated in multiple ways. (When I commented on the milk bottles, Amanda told me they drank A LOT of local milk leading up to their wedding day. Gotta love that dedication!) One of the many reasons we’re big fans of these two is that they are so genuinely expressive with each other. If two people were ever meant to be together, it is definitely these two. As a testament to how in tune with each other they are – they chose to exchange gifts during their first look and unknowingly gave each other sunglasses from the same company!


Amanda and Jimmy’s ceremony took place in the middle of the apple orchard at the Red Barn Farm, which was perfect for their August wedding since the trees were heavy with ripe apples. Immediately after their ceremony, Amanda, Jimmy and their bridal party loaded onto a hay ride around the farm, and the back corner of the orchard made a romantic spot for the freshly weds bridal portraits. On top of everything amazing about Amanda and Jimmy’s wedding day, the reception brought the barn down late into the evening.


Amanda and Jimmy, thank you so much for entrusting us with your engagement photos, wedding day and photo booth! We can’t wait for your day after session in a couple weeks!































Rustic Red Barn Farm Wedding




Rustic Red Barn Farm Wedding










Rustic Red Barn Farm Wedding
















Rustic Red Barn Farm Wedding


















Mountaintop Telluride Colorado Wedding | Colorado Wedding Photographers

Shyann and Yurik are two of the coolest people on the planet. When they contacted us to shoot their Telluride Colorado wedding, we were so thrilled to be able to be shooting a wedding on a mountaintop in one of our favorite states (and our first “official” destination wedding!) Little did we know we’d make two friends in the process, and go on an amazing two day adventure with these two in the Colorado mountains! Instead of a usual engagement session or day after session, Shyann and Yurik brought us downhill mountain biking the day before their wedding. We had a blast on the trails with them, photographing one of their favorite things to do together. You’ll never find these two too far away from each other, or an adventure. Yurik even proposed to Shyann inside a cave they discovered together on a hike in the mountains. For two people who love the mountains almost as much as they love each other, a wedding on top of a mountain was a nobrainer for them – they even set the date for their 8-year dating anniversary (cue Awwww…). Shyann and Yurik had their ceremony at the San Sophia Overlook, close to 11,000 feet in elevation, and overlooking the mountains surrounding the town of Telluride. From Shyann’s unique wedding gown, to the flowers she arranged herself, to the location, to the love story, everything was amazing, and we can’t believe we were lucky enough to have been put in contact with these two!


Shyann and Yurik, thanks for being awesome! We’re so glad to have gained two friends (and a new appreciation for downhill mountain biking)!


-Salt & Pine



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Telluride Colorado Wedding 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Telluride Colorado Wedding 26 27 Telluride Colorado Wedding 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38  40 41 42 43 Telluride Colorado Wedding 45 46 47 48 49


2015 Adventure Tour | Kansas and Seattle Wedding Photographers

2015 Adventure Tour Seattle Wedding Photographers

Seattle Wedding Photographers 2015 Adventure Tour

HUGE thank you to everyone who made this year the best year yet! Even with the stress of moving ourselves AND our business halfway across the country. We traveled more, photographed more, and had more adventures than any year prior. Check out our favorite images from 2015 HERE, and our fan favorite images from 2015 HERE. You can also check out the 2016 Adventure Tour, and soon, the 2017 Adventure Tour, to see where we’ll be headed next!

-Salt & Pine

Want to know where we’ll be next year, and when we’ll be there? With our transition from Kansas to Seattle Wedding Photographers in August 2015, we thought it might be helpful to keep an updated list of our planned trips and weddings, or, as we like to call it; The 2015 Adventure Tour! If you’d like to book a couples session with us while we’re in your area next year, we’d love the opportunity to tell your love story. We have plenty more 2015 dates open, and we’d love to add more states to this list! Having a wedding in the Northeast? Northwest? Midwest? South? West? Mountains? Alaska? The Bahamas? Europe? Australia? We’d love to have an adventure with you!


2015 Wedding Tour Seattle Wedding Photographers

January 3rd | Emporia, Kansas

January 13th-21st | Seattle, Washington

February 21st | Wichita, Kansas

February 26th-March 12th | Denver, Colorado; Las Vegas, Nevada; Page, Arizona; Moab, Utah

March 14th | Manhattan, Kansas

March 21st | Kansas City, Missouri

March 28th | Manhattan, Kansas

April 14th-21st | Issaquah, Washington

April 25th | Kansas City, Missouri

May 1st | Kansas City, Missouri

May 8th | Leavenworth, Kansas

May 9th | Junction City, Kansas

May 16th | Wichita, Kansas

May 20th-24th | Bath, Maine

May 30th | Lee’s Summit, Missouri

June 6th | Olsburg, Kansas

June 13th | Manhattan, Kansas

June 18th- 21st | Portland, Oregon

July 4th | Seneca, Kansas


July 11th | Mount Vernon, Washington

July 17th | Union, Washington

July 18th | Seattle, Washington

July 22nd-25th | Kansas City, Missouri

July 29th-August 3rd | Presque Isle, Maine

August 7th-16th | Kansas City, Missouri

August 29th | Sedro Woolley, Washington

August 30th | Issaquah, Washington

September 5th | Bothell, Washington

September 6th | Woodinville, Washington

September 12th | Bow, Washington

September 18th-20th | Wamego, Kansas

September 25th | Puyallup, Washington

September 26th | Seattle, Washington

October 2nd-4th | Manhattan, Kansas

October 10th | Seattle, Washington

October 17th | Bonney Lake, Washington

October 21st-26th | Beaver Lake, Arkansas

November 12th-17th | Big Canoe, Georgia

November 21st | Gearhart, Oregon

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Telluride Engagement Session | Seattle Wedding Photographers

We loved this short and sweet Telluride engagement session with Shyann and Yurik. It is not very often that as photographers we get to spend the day before a wedding with our couples.  With Shyann and Yurik though we were there for everything from downhill mountain biking the morning before the wedding to the rehearsal dinner that night.  Since this was our first time photographing these two we took the opportunity to take them out 15 minutes before sunset after their rehearsal dinner and shoot what can only be described as the worlds shortest and most belated engagement session.  It turned out amazing, the light was perfect, and the location was gorgeous (you wouldn’t know by looking but we were behind a ski lodge next to a parking lot).  Everything went so well in fact that Shyann and Yurik agreed to ride the gondola with us to the top of the mountain again that night and make some photo magic with sparklers on the eve of their wedding.  Opportunities like these are only possible when we shoot destination weddings, and for Shyann and Yurik it meant they had much more than just wedding photos.




1 Telluride Engagement Session 3 4 5 6 Telluride Engagement Session 8 Telluride Engagement Session 10 11 Telluride Engagement Session 13 14

Telluride Wedding Day One | Colorado Wedding Photographers

It’s hard to believe just last week we were in Colorado for Shyann and Yurik’s Telluride wedding at the San Sophia Overlook! I know everyone is anxious to see what we captured on their wedding day, but for now, we thought we’d give you a look into the fun we had with Shyann, Yurik, and a few of their friends the day before the wedding. Shyann and Yurik are downhill mountain bikers, and although Telluride might be well known as a popular ski destination, these two prefer it in the warmer months, when the biking trails are open. The bike resort made a special exception to allow Joe and I inside the bike park to photograph Shyann and Yurik doing what they love; descending precarious, steep, narrow, rocky trails on bicycles at speeds upwards of 30mph. And they do it with ease. And even make it look fun! We had a blast watching and being able to capture their runs down the mountain, setting ourselves up near interesting obstacles and vantage points in the trail. We even took a short break halfway down the mountain for a few shots of Shyann and Yurik, and a group shot of everyone with their bikes! Shyann and Yurik biked the afternoon away until their rehearsal dinner, after which we stole them for some sunset photos, since we weren’t able to shoot an engagement session with them. After dark, we even took the gondola back up the mountain for some shots overlooking Mountain Village. It is always an awesome experience to be a part of a wedding day, but to be able to spend two days with a bride and groom, their family and their friends? We couldn’t be luckier.


-Salt & Pine


Shyann and Yurik 1 Shyann and Yurik 2 Shyann and Yurik 3 Shyann and Yurik 4 Shyann and Yurik 5 Shyann and Yurik 6 Shyann and Yurik 7 Shyann and Yurik 8 Shyann and Yurik 9 Shyann and Yurik 10 Shyann and Yurik 11 Shyann and Yurik 12 Shyann and Yurik 13 Shyann and Yurik 14 Shyann and Yurik 15 Shyann and Yurik 16 Shyann and Yurik 17 Shyann and Yurik 18 Shyann and Yurik 19 Shyann and Yurik 20 Shyann and Yurik 21

Grand Teton National Park Engagement Session | Jackson Hole Wyoming Wedding Photographers

Joe and I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to photograph this Grand Teton National Park engagement session on our trip to Yellowstone National Park in June. We knew, since we’d be visiting such a picturesque and unique location, that we’d be kicking ourselves if we didn’t find just one couple to photograph on our trip. So, we set out to find a needle in a haystack – one couple in the Jackson, Wyoming area who would be available on a specific night during our trip. We were so trilled when Brittany and Will reached out to us! Brittany’s singular request was that we highlight the Teton mountains during the session, so we chose to have our picnic on Antelope Flats, near the famous barn on Mormon Row. The sunset over the Teton Mountains that night was unlike anything else. A simple picnic in Grand Teton National Park couldn’t have been a better backdrop for these two – who enjoy adventures together in the outdoors as much as Joe and I do.



Teton Picnic Engagement 1 Teton Picnic Engagement 2 Teton Picnic Engagement 3 Teton Picnic Engagement 4 Teton Picnic Engagement 5 Teton Picnic Engagement 6 Teton Picnic Engagement 7 National Park Engagement Session Teton Picnic Engagement 9 Teton Picnic Engagement 10 National Park Engagement Session Teton Picnic Engagement 12 Teton Picnic Engagement 13 Teton Picnic Engagement 14 Teton Picnic Engagement 15 Teton Picnic Engagement 16 Teton Picnic Engagement 17 National Park Engagement Session Teton Picnic Engagement 19 Teton Picnic Engagement 20

 Do you know that we LOVE traveling? Or that Joe wants to visit every National Park and Darryl Ann wants to horseback ride in every state? We offer special destination wedding packages for anywhere pine trees or water can be found. Drop us a line, we’d love to have an adventure with you!

River Market Event Place Wedding | Kansas City Wedding Photographers

There was nothing not to love about Amanda and Ben’s River Market Event Place wedding. From the mismatched bridesmaids dresses, to the airstream lounge, to the dinner stations. You could tell Amanda and Ben put so much thought into making their wedding day all about them, and fun for their guests.  Ben’s breath was taken away by how beautiful Amanda looked during their first look, and then he took our breath away when he turned to us and asked “Seriously, how gorgeous is she?” It was an amazing moment to capture. Their wedding day was one of those where you feel connected to all the friendship, love, and family they are surrounded by, even though you barely know anyone there. Amanda and Ben read hand-written vows to one another, and lit a lamp together with oil their parents poured – a unique take on the unity candle we’ve never seen before. The River Market Event Place is a unique venue for many reasons, but one of our favorite features was the birds eye view the balcony allows us to capture of Amanda and Ben’s ceremony and reception. Seeing Ben and Amanda’s guests faces as they are announced as Mr. and Mrs. Myers for the first time is a view not many brides and grooms get! I love seeing the whistles, the clapping, all the happy smiles, and the picture-takers. All in all, this wedding day was full of too many amazing moments to have time to mention, so I’ll just leave you to browse through the hundred or so photos that make up this blog post. That’s what they’re supposed to be for, after all.




RMEP Wedding 1 RMEP Wedding 2 RMEP Wedding 3 RMEP Wedding 4 RMEP Wedding 5 RMEP Wedding 6 RMEP Wedding 7 RMEP Wedding 8 RMEP Wedding 9 RMEP Wedding 10 RMEP Wedding 11 RMEP Wedding 12 RMEP Wedding 13 RMEP Wedding 14 RMEP Wedding 15 RMEP Wedding 16 RMEP Wedding 17 RMEP Wedding 18 RMEP Wedding 19 RMEP Wedding 20 RMEP Wedding 21 RMEP Wedding 22 RMEP Wedding 23 RMEP Wedding 24 RMEP Wedding 25 RMEP Wedding 26 RMEP Wedding 27 RMEP Wedding 28 RMEP Wedding 29 RMEP Wedding 30 RMEP Wedding 31 RMEP Wedding 32 RMEP Wedding 33 RMEP Wedding 34 RMEP Wedding 35 RMEP Wedding 36 RMEP Wedding 37 RMEP Wedding 38 RMEP Wedding 39 RMEP Wedding 40 RMEP Wedding 41 RMEP Wedding 42 RMEP Wedding 43 RMEP Wedding 44 RMEP Wedding 45 RMEP Wedding 46 RMEP Wedding 47 RMEP Wedding 48 RMEP Wedding 49 RMEP Wedding 50 RMEP Wedding 51 RMEP Wedding 52 RMEP Wedding 53 RMEP Wedding 54 RMEP Wedding 55 RMEP Wedding 56 RMEP Wedding 57 RMEP Wedding 58 RMEP Wedding 59 RMEP Wedding 60 RMEP Wedding 61 RMEP Wedding 62 RMEP Wedding 63 RMEP Wedding 64