The Bauer Kansas City Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographers

LaTonya and Wilson had a beautiful Kansas City wedding at the Bauer, which could have potentially just become our new favorite Kansas City Wedding Venue. Nestled in downtown, it is a large loft space that is the perfect amount of new and old. Not to mention, it fit LaTonya’s vintage yellow and purple style PERFECTLY. The bride’s room and groom’s room were also decorated emaculately, almost like someone decided to plan the decor around this particular wedding. Normally we don’t go all crazy over the little details, but these were just too good not to for just a moment. What made the day, though, was how even with a perfect venue, amazing style, and details to die for, the connection between LaTonya and Wilson was what won you over. Like Wilson’s best man said in his toast; LaTonya and Wilson just have such an innate understanding of one another, if you weren’t standing at their wedding, you would have thought they had been married for years! Their love shows through every interaction between the two of them, and it was a beautiful thing to witness and capture. The other absolutely amazing thing about LaTonya and Wilson’s wedding was the dancing. Everyone was on the dance floor, and everyone had moves! We had so much fun at LaTonya and Wilson’s Kansas City wedding at The Bauer!




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