Who are Joe and Darryl Ann?

That’s us! The faces behind Salt and Pine Photography, two easy going Seattle Wedding Photographers. We are likely a bit like you; we have a love and respect for the great outdoors, share our homes and lives with a couple of dogs (and more than a few plants), and equally love adventuring and being homebodies. Together we are a killer photography duo. Separately we are just two people who happen to share a passion for creativity, dogs, hiking, and binging 90s tv.

One of our favorite things about being wedding photographers is the connections we get to make with couples just like you. We never feel like “hired help” on a wedding day because we’re passionate about getting to know you, and sharing a bit about ourselves as well. We’ll go first here, and when you contact us to meet up we’ll put the ball in your court!

“We never feel like hired help on a wedding day”

Our stories crossed paths at the end of 2013 when Joe was looking for an assistant (AKA road trip buddy because driving across Kansas is boring) to photograph weddings with him. In a crazy twist of fate and degrees of separation working in our favor – Darryl Ann met with Joe for a quick interview at a coffee shop in Manhattan, KS. (Ask for the long version of the story when we chat!) We hit it off, and there was no question that Darryl Ann was getting the job, and perhaps more than either of us had bargained for.

Fast forward to today and we have made wedding photography our full time jobs together, visited 20 National Parks, moved across the country, bought a log cabin, completely fell in love with the Pacific North West, got married in our backyard, built a camper van, and photographed weddings in 17 states. Between working with incredible couples on mountaintops and beaches (and everywhere in between), taking long road trips, generally exploring our little corner of the world and relaxing days at home binging our favorite Netflix series – we feel like we are living our best lives.


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