In Kansas, Wedding

Madeline and Sean had a gorgeous Sunday morning wedding at Deer Creek Golf Club in Kansas City. Any wedding day that includes a huge brunch is pure win in both Joe and I’s books. They had an intimate ceremony next to the pond followed by a fun reception full of soft pink details. (Also, I don’t use the word ‘swoon’ very often, but if there were ever a reason to use it, it would be to describe Madeline’s dress, no doubt.) The emotion in their day was unreal. Smaller, more intimate weddings have to be some of our favorites, and photographing the love these two have for each other was an amazing experience. In the mid afternoon, after family and guests had all headed home, we brought Madeline and Sean out on the grounds for a short portrait session. This is always our most favorite time with a bride and groom on their wedding day, and with time or guests to worry about it was even better than usual!





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