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… And Two Questions to Ask Yourself Before you Hire Them.   We’ve all seen the lists of 20, 50, or 100 questions to ask your wedding photographer. As photographers, we’ve [...]

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For our first Wedding Planning Wednesday post I figured it would make sense to begin with a little insight on when to book a wedding photographer. I’ve come across a lot of infographics on [...]

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Madeline and Sean had a gorgeous Sunday morning wedding at Deer Creek Golf Club in Kansas City. Any wedding day that includes a huge brunch is pure win in both Joe and I’s books. They had [...]

Introducing | Wedding Planning Wednesday | Seattle Wedding Photographers

Every time Joe and I are driving back from a wedding, we reflect back on the day. We talk about what ran smoothly, and what didn’t. Every single wedding we seem to learn something new, or [...]

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It is officially the “Off” season for these Seattle wedding photographers, with only one more wedding and one session before the end of the year. It has given us a lot of time to [...]

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Shyann and Yurik are two of the coolest people on the planet. When they contacted us to shoot their Telluride Colorado wedding, we were so thrilled to be able to be shooting a wedding on a [...]

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LaTonya and Wilson had a beautiful Kansas City wedding at the Bauer, which could have potentially just become our new favorite Kansas City Wedding Venue. Nestled in downtown, it is a large loft [...]

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Seattle Wedding Photographers 2015 Adventure Tour HUGE thank you to everyone who made this year the best year yet! Even with the stress of moving ourselves AND our business halfway across the [...]