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Hatcher Pass and Lake Eklutna |

While we were in Alaska for a destination wedding, we couldn’t help but squeeze in the opportunity for an Alaska adventure session. We photographed Jenn & Jay’s wedding back when we lived in Kansas, and knew they had relocated to the Anchorage area. We reached out to ask if they wanted to have an adventure with us and they were totally game!

We picked two of the more obvious (and totally stereotypical) locations around Anchorage for their session. But, why not? They are definitely popular for a reason! Both Hatcher Pass and Lake Eklutna were stunning.

The hardest thing with a session in Alaska in the middle of June is knowing when to end. I don’t think we got back to our car until nearly midnight, and it was still bright enough outside to continue shooting. We’d definitely have some long sessions in the summertime if we lived in Alaska!

It was completely worth it to catch up with these two, and meet their adorable goldendoodle Joy. She happily licked our faces the whole way to the session and back. Not to mention how thrilled she was to play in the snow at the pass. (She had little interest in participating in photos at first). We’re so glad we got to explore around Anchorage with these two!

-Salt & Pine

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